How to Use the Jeweller's Micro-Flame Butane Torch - Easy to use, this Jeweller's Micro-Flame Butane Torch is ideal for jewelry soldering, pmc, metal working, removing resin bubbles, jewelry crafting and repair. Comes with an easy adjust feature to regulate the intensity of the flame and the pushing of a simple button will hold a continuous flame for ease of work.

Designer: Julie Bean

You can find the supplies in this video at

Jeweller's Micro-Flame Butane Torch Self Igniting Refillable 6 Inch
SKU: XTL-0300
  • jane a sinner

    Julie @Beadaholic. Did you see what they are doing to pages now? They have a row of sponsored ads which show other torches from other places BEFORE the description of yours. I think that's sleazy.

  • Fritz

    lol... this sells for 15 without a coupon at harbor freight. same exact thing. you trying to sell for over 40? suckers.

  • Donny Slander

    that low grade butane can be used safely, but upon each refill, empty the torch first by pressing the refill nub inside until no more hissing :3 cuz, the lower grade have this oil-ish substance that clogged up the nozzle 

  • DanielTseng100

    why i hear minecraft torch? lol

  • jarrett dawson

    does it work as good or better than than the bernzomatic microw 3 in one torch

  • Beadaholique

    Hi! Unfortunately I am not versed in the technique that you are describing so I would not want to recommend doing something that might be wrong, especially when it comes to safety. I would contact whoever sells you your solder and ask them, they will most likely know.

  • Robert Albrecht

    my igniter does not work anymore can I fix it?

  • Brigitte Brazeal

    When using this torch, what work surface is required? I would want to use this torch to create wax seal pendants with solder. I want to make sure I don't start a fire :)

  • Roger Garrett

    You should have shown actually doing the air and fuel adjustments.

  • William PaPa Whiting

    thanks i though it came with filled back to the store

  • datrucker210

    Don't call me Shirley!

  • Johnny S

    How long does the fuel last when using it to solder? If someone could give me a rough idea of how many rings you could solder with the tank full that would be great. Either for this torch or any other torch it doesn't really matter and yes I understand that different torches probably have different capacities etc. I'm just looking for a general idea and ultimately I'd like to know if it's too expensive to use a micro torch to solder jewelry. Thanks

  • Steve Ashton

    Whatever you do, DO NOT PUT THAT LOW GRADE BUTANE IN IT!!! Always use 3-5x filtered, or you're bound to have issues!

  • Fucknuts

    can i use this for smoking the drugs?

  • OneTime Gregory

    $42.00 for this torch is mighty steep. I bought the same exact torch from Harbor Freight for fourteen dollars and some change on sell. And the regular price was twenty six and change.

  • Pam Simerly

    Additional safety note for longer storage.... Cut the gas switch back off.

  • Teena M.

    Thank u so much bcuz I searched n no one explain n showed how simple lighting a flame torch could be! So easy!

  • etcrobb

    Some folks need to grow up. You described the product just fine. There is a lot of ins and outs. Thanks.

  • nyoman mardangga


  • john dozier

    my torch does not shut off even if if push start button and push off switch to off it takes a couple of seconds 5-6 to shut off Why and how can i get it fixed?

  • Beadaholique

    You can get the Micro Torch on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

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