Powered Parachute Low Level

Fly with us over the farms, fields, forests, and streams of beautiful Southeast Minnesota. See the land unfurl below you as from the eyes of an eagle. See the magic of low and slow flight. End the flight with a power-off landing. Shot primarily in Goodhue County. This is a Steve Russell video.
  • photoguy73

    Yes, a little indecision there... Glad you liked it.

  • John Edwards

    Hi photoguy73, it may be a bit late to post a comment, but I am going to post anyway, because I love to watch that video also the music you have dubbed into the video, awesome . Now i will try and find your other videos, if they are as good as this one, they will be great.

  • Nathan Laflamme

    i am a grown man and i am crying viewing earths beauty in no better of a way

  • citadelma

    Hi Photoguy, Thanks again for the superb videos..and for the info on the mirror. That should help me narrow my search a good deal. As to the mirror being useful after take off? I can see two possible uses. To occasionally monitor, watching for potential signs of impending collapse, etc...and perhaps once in awhile just to get some convenient quick reassurance that the wing is actually still above you..and then there's always that bit of personal grooming one could do while airborne! ;)

  • elmanitasdeplomo

    So cool, I saw a deer and a shooting hide. Seems like there's plenty of fun to be had over there.

  • Dagster Miester

    Hi Photoguy, great job on the videos. Having shot many PPC videos I can appreciate the work and risk you took making the close to tree top shots. I'm working on a a way to shoot video from the wing looking down on the pilot. Its finished. I just need some good weather now. Top notch work! Keep them coming.

  • Gerry Mixon

    Hello Photoguy73 ,I was searching the web for anything on PPC's as I am getting closer to having my own when I came across your videos. They are by far the best PPC video's on the web. Please keep up the awesome flying and videos. Thanks ,Gerry from Florida

  • Nfarce

    Just. Wow. I stumbled upon this from an aviation related website and dropped everything. This or ultralight flying is something I've always wanted to try doing. Flying general aviation (or any other for that matter) you spend so much time inside the cockpit managing aircraft systems, gauges, navigation, communication, and general heads out looking for other traffic you have no time to sight see (and going a lot faster doesn't help either, heh). This is flying. Great music tops it off!

  • Indiana Joe

    I have one of these. It is nearly a religious experience. Like sprouting wings!

  • photoguy73

    Hi Gerry. Thanks for the kind words. You'll absolutely love this way of flying. There is nothing like it.

  • skyride56

    I'm a USAF tanker pilot who's experiences high and fast on a weekly basis. I've flown within 10 feet of dozens of different aircraft but I can honestly say that nothing spurs my love for flying like PPC low level videos. Well done sir!!

  • rmf11699

    Simply beautiful. I am so jealous! One day I'll be joining you; but from Texas!

  • Gerry Mixon

    Thanks Photoguy73, I am sure I will.I have been wanting one for a long time now and now the time is near.If I do get it and you are ever down in Florida with your powerchute or with out be sure to look me up and we could fly together.Thanks for the responce .Gerry from Florida...

  • photoguy73

    Thank you for your kind comments, and for your service to our country. As a former Naval Aviator I always liked the low and fast, but find the low and slow suits me just fine now. Be sure and check out my other flying videos.

  • Olsteradamus

    Cool video! This really brought back memories. I made my first solo flight on my 14th birthday (25 now) and my dad and I had all kinds of fun exploring western Michigan at low altitudes just like in this video. It's such an amazing time. Once again, awesome video and thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  • photoguy73

    You are right! This is real seat-of-the-pants, wind in your face type flying, as close to what the birds see as is possible with powered flight. This is what I am trying to convey. I've done high and fast, and for my money low and slow is where it's at. Take off at 30, fly at 30, land at 30. Glad you liked it.

  • briangoss

    Awesome... Favorited.

  • Terryblount

    I really loved flying just like this. I miss it so much. The only more exciting flying is following a wide shallow creek about 10 ft over the sandy beaches of the turns.

  • photoguy73

    Glad you liked it. I picked up the convex mirror from a truck supply place. They sell them to truckers for the large semi tractor-trailers. It is extremely helpful on takeoff to see if the wing is inflating properly. Not much use after take-off.

  • SouthernCruizer

    Nice video!! Kudos. Great scene at 6:30 !


    Very nice video - scenery is spectacular. Looks like you have a paraglider style and not a parachute style wing - just learning and want to make sure I am seeing the write types if I am looking to purchase one. Thanks for sharing Cheers, Patrick

  • motoman1210

    Best video on youtube

  • SteelersRule1011

    Spectacular video. You really seem to know how to fly, and I was wondering do you have any previous commercial flight experience? Also do you think that the gentle low and slow feeling of a powered parachute is better than like a higher and faster flight, because I was thinking of getting myself one of these. It seems very relaxing. Oh, and one more thing. Will they let you use these at airports? Because I don't really have any fields near me, and this airport only does sport and small comm. air

  • citadelma

    Hi Photoguy! Truly amazing. I can really appreciate skimming over all that lovely green countryside, living out here in Ireland. Can't wait to get my own PPG up and going, even more so now after seeing this and your other excellent videos. Btw, where may I ask did you get your convex wing mirror? I have searched all over the NET with no joy. Thanks again for the really excellent work!

  • Jerry Franks

    Nice video, should be a commercial for PPCs.

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