Colomban CriCri Jet - Display Flight - Edith Piaf

Colomban CriCri MC15 Jet. PBS Velka Bites TJ20A engines.
For a version with no background music and landing see:

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  • CHoColaTE MULK

    They say he hasn't landed to this day...

  • Omerdin Ali

    Wtf Language's is she singing😯?

  • dimmy dunk

    This is the future of the RAF after the next round of spending cuts.

  • Maximo Gabriel

    Woow eso sí está genial👏👏👏🖒👌👌👌

  • myplane150

    Had no idea a plane could be powered by a couple of hair dryers!

  • Alex

    Представляем самые последние новости авиационной индустрии, охватывающие сегменты авиационных перевозок рисоединяйтесь и будьте в курсе последних событий в авиационной отрасли!

  • Daniel Nyborg

    Frrrghhyt5 GB gg& FM go guy Cyn

  • Joaohenrique Hahahaa

    Uuuuuiiiiii. Mini. Avião

  • Vapletrichs Gne

    wings look like they are about to do a high-five during a turn. It’s also fast which makes it even scarier lmao.

  • Angel Torres

    Yo kiero uno de esos nenes

  • Ball4Life Vlogs

    Ur lucky you can go to other places

  • Nakul Kapoor

    Bc...aby tum kuch bhi leker ud jaaty ho kya

  • Tolu Olugade

    amazing video. I wish I could see this face to face. have a look at these. world longest aircrafts.

  • Joseph A. Muniz

    That is freaking incredible how tiny those jet engines are. At first I thought, "Is this a joke? There's no way those two little soup cans can put this Plane & Pilot in flight!" I guess they can! Incredible.

  • neeru rana Rana

    From this I will go my girl friend home

  • Otis Harmer

    FUCK YOU 😀😀😀😀😀😀😎😎😍😘 😂😃😙🙄😙😚

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