Colomban CriCri Jet - Display Flight - Edith Piaf

Colomban CriCri MC15 Jet. PBS Velka Bites TJ20A engines.
For a version with no background music and landing see:

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  • Duke

    The earth is curved and he's not even off the ground yet!

  • David Bright

    A better name would have been the CrayCray jet.

  • David Caro

    So, those are model jet engines right? Dang that's a trip!

  • IzhaMotoVlog channel

    Di indonesia klw punya yg begini psti lngsng di sita dgn alesan tdk pny izin..

  • Calvin smith

    I Columbia has found another way to bring there filthy drugs into are country

  • Parvez Ahmed Khan

    base. .😨barest song

  • VeggyZ

    This is awesome! ...but... you know... terrifying.It would have been nice to see the landing too... did this guy live through his flight?

  • dolour

    I sware there's RC's bigger than this.

  • GaryChap

    Meanwhile at the US border... brave border agents wearing single-man personal helium balloons, hover at 2000ft and scour the sky with their binoculars... ready to radio coordinates to ground-based potato-cannon operators.The war on drugs just got comical.

  • MiFix TV

    Хех я себе такую зделал на даче )))

  • TABARiSTANEC SpArtanec

    Thanks not being a click bait)l'm from Dagistan salam)))

  • Liquid Fire

    I know that these engines consume a lot of fuel. But having a third one would make the whole experiance a lot better. :P

  • Solo APOEL

    How this toy can careful bro

  • josoapification

    Brave man Not to many people would try flying that If anything goes wrong it would be game over

  • Tomislav Tomix Peric

    jebote pa lepo to ide

  • Inad Egghead

    Super ich dachte zuerst das ist ein Witz

  • cryolabs

    The Drug Cartel needs a better aeronautical engineer to do the job properly.

  • VF6

    why are the jets in front of him??

  • Kenny Rogers

    I give it 10 thumbs up


    From where i can buy it and how?

  • infernostr

    it looks absolutely unsafe but I don't care because it looks so much fun.

  • Brucie Kibbutz

    I would never set foot in a plane that has written “experimental” on it. This man has nuts of steel.

  • Monster

    pos petaei auti i malakia?

  • Mul Damul

  • Kyle Frye

    This is how we get our coke

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