PPC (Powered Parachute) First Solo Cross Country at Arlington (KAWO)

Winter PPC (Powered Parachute) Flight at Arlington (KAWO). This was my first solo cross country from Arlington to Camano island on a private strip. (Not first solo, my first solo x-country).

Cool Spots:
Takeoff: 0:00
Touch and Go: 1:05
Flyin' over Neighborhood: 1:42
Flying over freeway: 2:34
Train going by: 4:32
Learjet flies by: 5:02
Landing Camano: 5:31
Takeoff Camano: Right after landing.
Cool river crossing: 7:25
Cargo Train: 8:19
Flying back over freeway: Right after
Landing Arlington: 11:02

  • Mike Clouse

    good job...your in for a lot of fun!

  • eastcoast78

    Congrats on the Solo! Thumbs Up

  • eastcoast78

    @RedDevilSquadron Rgr That!

  • Henry TrikeLife

    It looks so cold !!

  • gibbage1

    Very cool. Seems like a fun sport that would be slightly cheeper then fixed wing GA aircraft ;)

  • planeguy3223

    This airport seems familiar to me. Is it the same as this guy?: /watch?v=hVyDDmlYiCU

  • lguystillfly

    Awesome flight!!! I'm so jealous!! I'd LOVE to take a cross-country trip some time!!! :)

  • Dennis Verhaaff

    I know the Camano strip is private, but are the owners okay with anybody using it? And do you know if the actual Camano "airport" is suitable for PPC flying?

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