Premier vol:) de ce petit Pou du Ciel

Version Deux
  • j canuck62

    We have nothing to fear but fear itself, or beavers and termites .

  • Ytyþ Haha

    В давности занимаешься стали мечта собираюсь сделать маленький самом деле предложения было смелый хочется сказать денег бездны деревне жителей яне смог найти магазине материалы заказать доставку для себя но опасности безопасности бездействия без парашютом если-бы моря то живой опасно попадает скале просто земле лесов сразу умрет помощью которого можно проверки технологии полет нормальный человек ещё дества любишь игрушка самолете постоянно собираюсь малышей маленький самолете конструктора модели летательных апартаментов изобретение Эвридика вело транспорт комический корабля этого лучше умным мастера спорта соревнования по поводу того снова искать олимпиада по работе сайта вдруг вызывает меня согласно приложению Витя лазаренко константинович мос обл Ногинск район кудино ул свободное снт фабричная сторож познакомиться позвонить 79999621368 89166219210 можно приглашение на работу. ✈🚁✈✈✈🚁✈🚁✈🚁🚁✈🚁✈🚁✈✈🚁✈🚁✈🚁✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈

  • GypsyKing

    there are two very very fast flying black dots at 3:10 only a half a sec if..

  • itmoin2012 drive

    Confused about tail part.

  • gilbert t

    vraiment trop top, bien moins valorisant, je me vois me préparer à piloter ma D45S de 1953. Un grand merci.

  • Joe Meils

    A "Flying Flea!" I haven't seen one of those in decades. They're supposed to be incredibly stable in the air. Wonderful project!

  • TheTextralian

    Seriously!! Who else thought this was going to be a crackpot video of some nutter building a flying machine that crashed on taxi?? and when it took off and flew you thought " You're kidding... right?"

  • bicanoo_magic

    So this guy straps a lawnmower engine to a packing crate and bolts on a couple 8'x4' sheets of plywood for wings, throws on some wheel barrow wheel and goes flying !!! hahahahahaha

  • joao santos

    A musica de trilha e mt feia de mais

  • Gordon McCoy

    Great Vid...! Thanks for posting... I smiled all the way through it...! Gordon

  • Will

    Je ne suis pas les argentina dans la eroplan

  • David Lewis

    Cerfontaine Belgium, I remember seeing that in the hangar! never thought it could fly. Nice ending with the Pink Porter, Caravan and AN28.

  • johntheo95

    Damn thats awesome.Would i fly in that.YesWould i be freakishly terrified.Absolutly yes.Would i be smiling.Definitely XD

  • Yves Bevilacqua

    ce meck est terible audacieux courageux tres fort il a tous les ingrédients pour piloter son propre coucou la musique de la soupe aux choux  ses super j aime beaucoup  chapeau bas !

  • Daniel Hoffmann

    At-il pas ailerons? Does it have no ailerons ? Hat es keine Querruder ?

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox


  • Matthias Aviation Channel

    CONGRATS! Great idea!

  • Cris Lerose

    Wife thinking...time to review the insurance policy...

  • Pritam Mapare

    Strangest Airplane Crashes got on camera ....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6oH8J4IoCw

  • nick shale

    So, did he and Muttley manage to stop the pigeon in the end?

  • jdjeep98

    I think we could have skipped watching the pilot get dressed and tie his shoes without losing too much of the content...

  • Cris Lerose

    so Lego is making airplane kits now....

  • Raji Digith

    courageous man in the world

  • drum1805

    Awesome!!! I want one!!

  • Ulrich Denninger

    O wie schön, mal eine "Himmelslaus" wieder zu sehen!!

  • jack william

    Was die fuck ist diese???

  • Gino Russo

    The most Beautiful aircraft I have ever seen

  • C Deprima

    Very nice? Good job! :)

  • Don Assyhed

    if that guy gained 200 kg of mass would the plane CG change?

  • Dongyeob Lee

    나는 질문이 있습니다. 어떻게 비행 고도를 알 수 있습니까? 나는 속도를 알고있는 비행 시스템을 설정 어떻게 내 말은, 연료 레벨이 보이는 차처럼

  • John Doe

    Cute little Bird and i LOVE the Louis de Funes Music since my younger years ... !!! :-)

  • 57dogsbody

    Looks like a modern Flying Flea.

  • politirel3

    Eccentrics of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your life!

  • gilbert t

    comment ne pas apprécier cette vidéo .

  • Muhammad Irwansyah

    wheel chock from wood it homemade too, how crazy is dat.

  • wolkenbruch1988

    This is a VW beetle engine! =D German stuff everywhere <3

  • Mark Hall

    Forget balls of steel. Too wimpy. Adamantium. With spikes.

  • talon55130

    Good luck with this abomination. The POS known as the flea is rated as one of the worse and dangerous airplane designs. What would possess anyone to build this contraption? You might as well try to recreate the Bonney Gull while your at it. You can make anything fly I guess, hell someone made a flying lawnmower.

  • TheWhiteRhino 98

    it needs a paint job and a name

  • Dean Lorman

    Wonderful,great touch of history.Thank you.

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