Madax Homemade Cooking Ham Maker

Looking for a way to eat healthier? New Stainless Steel Ham Maker gives you the opportunity to create delicious sandwich meat with ingredients of your choice.

Constructed entirely from high quality stainless steel, this ham maker will quickly finds its way onto your list of must-have kitchen tools.

Easily create delicious organic specialties with meat, poultry, fish and seafood using your favorite additions and seasoning.

Make your life healthier. You control the ingredients of your choice and intake of fats, salts and other additives.

Capacity of 1,5 L or about 2 lb of meat. It is a form of the press for making ham, rolls and other homemade delicacies.

Includes thermometer for precise monitoring of water and meat temperature.
  • Maria Gabriela

    I like to eat healthier, the ham maker is the best. I can make ham at home.

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