Altyn Alabai USA Litter "A" 2 years old

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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"Our work is for the benefit of the breed is based on strict selection of our dogs,suitable for family life,with strong working qualities that will make us proud and have you and your family sleeping in peace"
  • BBBYpsi

    For all those saying he is weak, you were not really watching. He pulled him to the fence. Saw there was no real threat & backed off as his master instructed. Trust me those alabai's are one of the strongest of all the molosser/lsgd dogs. He was letting the intruders know this is my territory & do not trespass. Good dog there.

  • Iva90

    @superdupersonic Yes they came on to his property and were agitating

  • Boss Tete

    What is size for tall ?

  • gevorg kadzhikyan

    He's not weak I'm just strong he weights 140 and trust me he's not weak

  • Iva90

    @superman3384 Thanks :)

  • Aragorn2849

    yeah i am from Romania and we have great Alabai dogs' visit facebook regunguard there u will see amazing Alabai dogs:)

  • Iva90

    Thanks for your reply, we would love to see what he looks like now.

  • Iva90

    @WigDoggy He is great puppy :)

  • Dan Sorescu

    beautiful dog. needs a good fence to keep him in the confine of the property

  • olamvaed

    were they doing something to cause that or are they just like that?

  • Aelita Alexander

    do u know Alabai hstory he is from my country )) the only dog can fight the wolves

  • Iva90

    @abo0o0ody2010 He is great :) Thanks

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