Hummel Bird Takeoff and Landing CSU3

Hummel Bird a l'aéroport de St-Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada, CSU3

Hummel Bird at St-Hyacinthe airport, Quebec, Canada, CSU3
  • geob01

    Nice video, thanks for posting. Camera shakes keeps me from seeing the engine. Sounds like a 1/2 VW, right? Do you know if anyone is flying an H-bird with a 4A084 mil engine?

  • Fern Marques

    I used to own this little plane (this exact one), the best plane in the world, and I am so glad the current owners are having so much fun with it. I absolutely loved it! Fern

  • AeroportStHyacinthe

    @geob01 Thanks, it is in fact a 1/2 VW engine. I don't know about the 4A084 mil engine, but will ask the owner of this H-bird to see into it..... There is another Hummel bird that visits this airport often, it is also posted on my channel. It is also yellow......

  • tomshiba51

    Nicely flown. I love the sound of crickets and a wheel chirp.

  • Cecilia Teixeira

    At last I saw my uncle´s ex-plane through Internet from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. I didn´t realize it was so small!! Well, you can´t say you you didn´t have fun in your life!! Just give you an engine and there you go!! Cecilia.

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