Ultra light Autogyro / Gyrocopter

To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyful.com

The operation in this video was performed on a closed course.

The aircraft is a legal ultralight and all participants
(including camera operators and motorcycle riders) were
safety briefed and part of this production.

There was a post brief with the FAA
after this shoot was completed.

  • Arun Mani

    i need Recipe of this delicious Gyrocopter

  • Tin creative #crazy Dk

    I want drive it so much

  • can salık

    Vay amınakkoyyim yaw bu ne böyle

  • Maximum Tips

    Loved doing it in pilotwings 64

  • PaulMichaels2010

    Oh that is so amazing. Closest I get to doing this in real life is playing Far Cry 4.

  • outbackeddie

    Can I get one with a machine gun option?

  • Koe Bob

    Imagine a being hunted down by 10 guys riding gyrocopters armed with MP5s with high capacity magazines.

  • Skeleton Crew

    ...this issa just what I need!

  • askar kenesbek

    U my hero bro U make my day thanks

  • David Gray

    if that thing would've stalled he'd chop the head off of that person on the motorcycle

  • Peter Dashey

    My dream came true in your vid !!!!

  • Rakshith H

    Can it fly on the clouds

  • Rhino Virus

    That appears to be an inappropriate amount of fun.

  • vadim vephvishvili

    Авто.ру вы зае...али со своей рекламой.фоменко иди н..х работать м...ть

  • Archie Bunker

    Not only is this type of exhibition flying along a road like that illegal, but you also put the bikers life in danger if anything went wrong. Not to mention the stupidity of posting a video of yourself on the Internet doing something illegal. No goggles (I've hit a bumblebee off my throat riding a bike and it hurt like hell -- I can't imagine getting one in the eye.) Moron!

  • Borislav Vidovic

    Ovo su super rucne izradeodela letilica cestitam.

  • Voytek Fid

    1:35 Is not allowed to cross double line :)

  • Mohan Raj

    Hi sir, i study mechanical engineering, so I want same helicopter project, just guide to me

  • Laura Walker

    This is amazing.  I am booking a gyrocopter lesson.

  • Aoedy Aoedy

    Ini lh yg di contoh orang aceh tapi belom berhasil terbang

  • My Royal Army

    i wnt to buy this plane

  • LukeTV Lifestyle

    Wow awesome! Sometimes Dangerous but that Pilot was awesome wery well flight!

  • eliseo rodea

    en realidad necesito uno de esos, ya no puedo estar gastando 6 horas de mi vida en puro trayecto.

  • Zak Hoyt

    How much does a gyro cost?

  • Carson Shallenberger

    haha, looks so sketchy and wreckless. Almost killed that motorcyclist.

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