Ultra light Autogyro / Gyrocopter

To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyful.com

The operation in this video was performed on a closed course.

The aircraft is a legal ultralight and all participants
(including camera operators and motorcycle riders) were
safety briefed and part of this production.

There was a post brief with the FAA
after this shoot was completed.

  • Ramanojan Ben Yaohu

    Awesome! Congratulations

  • Safik Ali

    Hwou to make this halkouptar all parts im making piles you chek all parts

  • Benno Roderick

    I want to build one so bad, how do you build it?!

  • Duane Cole

    I have wanted one of these ever since I was a kid

  • Avilasio Mateus

    Very very beautiful ..I love this

  • Giba HawaIi

    Dá-lhe um tiro de Roman candle nele,mas sem tentar derrubar a moto.

  • Reychie Urdaneta

    awesome! how i wish i know how to build that!😍😍😍

  • nagesh tagadur

    why was he chasing the motorcyclist,.............

  • abdul hakim

    I could watch this video over and over again .

  • sojan v.d

    Hi,where will this one and how much cost of this. I can buy this one

  • Marquinhos Cavalcante

    How much is an ultra light shipping to Brazil.

  • Avilasio Mateus

    muito legal gostei muito

  • Levi Strauss

    Mad Max brought me here. Not the terrible new one though.

  • Steven Diaz

    I came here out of curiosity. Those buzzers from FarCry4

  • Mixey

    This would make an amazing James Bond chase scene

  • Rizwan usra

    How make to this helicopter

  • TorTuga

    without question he's a cool guy. I would love to build a light sport chopper

  • Amalendu Pal

    really funny & i am really surprised....

  • bepowerification

    when I see gyrocopters I always wonder.. why would you choose such a weak aircraft type instead of going with a fixed wing?

  • जडिबुटी रहस्य

    Very nice मे आपके सारे विडीओ देखता हुं अगर आपके परीवारमे किसीको शाररीक समस्या है तो मेरे विडिओ जरुर देखे मैने उसमे बहोत सारे जडिबुटी की जानकारी दी है आपको इससे जरुर लाभ होगाhttps://youtu.be/SxmEHO1in7Ihttps://youtu.be/LpMzTNIg50w

  • Eric Palmer

    Hi Shawn, I have bought the exact same gyro, upgraded it with the clt kit. it has the 582 to tax. I havent flown it yet but have had several hrs of lessons. hoping this year. just wanted to say I watch all your videos multiple times keeps me inspired. appreciate it!!!!!

  • Phite Onn

    Do you need a standard pilot's license to fly one? What does one have to do in order to fly one of these beauties?

  • Prasad kumar

    what is the weight of this machine

  • मेरा भारत : हिंदी News Updates

    which engine is used by u n cost of that engine????

  • Ethen Izzo

    Shawn where did you get that design ? I really want to make one there so cool! What engine is that also you are using?

  • Ahtesham Khan

    helikaptar ko saste se saste me bnane btao sar pilizz


    which engine is used in this helicopter?

  • Akshay

    how fast does it go ?

  • vicusa1

    Shawn, YOU ARE FANTASTIC !! I LOVE To Learn This Cause I get Dreams that I Use My Arms to Lift Myself Up and Fly, The Feeling of Flying in My Dream is Similar to This Video As I Watched today.Truth is I Wanted to Try to Learn Glider Planes since I had a Demo of it Last Month But This is Much Closer to What I Would Enjoy AND Not Be Limited to ANOTHER Plane Pulling it And Also to Limited Time Since NO Motor. Please be Honest and Tell me If I BEVER Flew Any Aircraft, Not Even the Simulator Ones, and Im in My 50s, Would I Risk And Waste Money and be in Danger if I tried to Learn From Now ? And if No, then How many Hrs We need to Practice and How Many Months ? TY TY TYAnd for Last, How Much Do these Cost and in Central Calif. Where Do I Find One ?

  • TWG

    Good video. I'm guessing the stick is like a helicopter cyclic controlling pitch & roll, there's a throttle for the rotor & prop - same engine and pedals/cables that deflect the rudder for yaw. There doesn't seem to be a 'collective' as on a helicopter. What's the slowest you can go and can you hover ?

  • Firman Nugraha

    Nobody shot from behind?

  • chris fleming

    Great video but what is the make and model of this copter?

  • robert shellfoon

    Shawn calling in from down under GREAT MACHINE what engine powers your gyro Shawn I am inspired I will buy plans and build one you beaut craft myself.

  • Ryan S

    if i have to stick my hand in a propeller and push it to start then Im all set

  • nixy49

    Shawn, what's the name of the AG?Ta.

  • iAmGio ™

    i can only fly this in DayZ Epoch game

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