Hawk 4

Groen Aeronautics Corporation Hawk 4
  • Chris Ukowich

    Has this gyro actually gone in to production? I've only found limited information online and abroad pertaining to this.

  • Mohammed H. Abu-Naiyan

    How many persons it carries? 4 persons? .Does it has a small facility like a toilet and table for dining or doing work on the plane?.If executive, it should have such a facility like that. And like to see how much it cost. Thanks

  • Roberto Emilio Lopes


  • Billy Quinn

    when can we buy gba4

  • James Sempy

    how about mast bumping ?? .........................

  • Daniel W

    Why spend millions of dollars for one helicopter when you can purchase dozens of gyro planes for that price.This would be of great value to Customs and Boarder Patrol..Can you imagine how much area you could cover.???Just my opinion

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