Recent videos of Larry Mednick flying his blue REVO in formation with friends in trikes and planes, and some scenes from previous flights mixed in. Larry does the fancy flying while Rick cruises and Wes flies with Marsha in the back seat filming. There are also scenes of Sean, Amy and Phil flying trikes and planes. Hope you enjoy seeing some of the fun we have flying with friends. P.S. Larry also had most of the editing ideas.

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  • egtriker

    J U S T G R E A T

  • Drago Mencin

    Nice video and flying.

  • Gregg Hardenburg

    I want to go up in one. Anyone know where?

  • Carmel Pule'

    The angle of attack at 1:16 of those REVO wings at their centre is rather large while the wing tips seems to have a negative one and do not produce much lift but good stability. They seem to rely too much on engine power. At 0:34 the video clearly shows that the fixed wing on the accompanying white plane is much more efficient . I would like to see the vortexes on top of the wings of those REVO weight shifters when some of that fancy flying is being conducted. Good flying, but be careful and do not apply too negative lift on those wings let the gravity get you down and not the vector momentum in the fluid dynamics! Only use the latter to arrest the former at the right time!

  • Silvano Castro

    Parecem motos voadoras

  • FERNANDO alvaro

    Muy buen video y magnífico vuelo

  • Russ Stein

    not impressed at all = any 50 hour pilot could easily pull those manoevres ( they aint stunts)


    can you make a video on the Reflex Sport Wing?

  • wesfrey11

    Come see us in Zephyrhills, FL. Or go to the web site in the video description.

  • unapro3

    Way too aggressive and unpredictable for safe formation flying, i wouldn't want this guy any where near me in the air.

  • wrdturkey

    Almost like watching Dogfighting. Mount some machine guns and go for it. Thanks for posting this video.

  • Ovidiu Balan

    I do know a trike comparable ;))) check out my chanell ;)

  • 2QUICK

    Based on this video and some others, I don't think you could crash a Revo if you tried to!

  • babatunde tomori

    how can i get one of these please!!!!!!!!


    How and where can I get this air crafts?

  • wesfrey11

    Ya. He was too heavy. : > )) Took the first cut from a different flight.

  • val91201

    at 0:40 there were 2 dudes. where did you loose the passenger?

  • 2QUICK

    Good to see you guys have talent and also Class and do not acknowledge the huge ego maniac idiots who post negative jealous rants here! Great work guys, will be a buyer soon!


    I would like to see you in Zephyrhills as i would like to see this aircraft in the UK

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