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Helicopter over water seen from above; hovering over top of lighthouse w/ waves breaking around base. CU slow motion of hummingbirds; engravings, paintings, etchings & drawings. DiVinci model, drawings. Chinese toy top propeller; more recent toiys demonstrated. Various other models, drawings.
Model from published paper of 1843 design by George Cayley, 4 discs on rowboat w/ wheels.
Wright brothers & military test, starting & take off.
Moving wing tests in early 1900s. Flapping wings, & hopping plane, rotating wheels as wings, large & small. Sky car.
Charles Richet's first helicopter to leave ground w/ pilot aboard.
Berliner 1908-09
Oehmichen 1920
Oehmichen 1922 Combined balloon & helicopter.
Lein Weber-Curtis 1921
1922 Georges & Jerome-de Bothezat's quad-rotor "Flying Octopus" built under contract for US Army flying.
Raul Pescara's early 1920 coaxial helicopter w/ biplane-type rotors.
Asboth 1928-1930
Model showing stability problems. Hinged blades on full sized helicopter. Juan de la Cierva & C-19 autogyro in flight w/ wings being replaced by rotor so actually an airplane rather than helicopter. Taking off from pasture; shots in flight.
1930 Nicholas Florine demonstrated flapping wing at Brussels Exhibition. d'Ascanio shown as he flew 8 3/4 minutes.
1936 Louis Breguet flying in Breguet-Dorand machine setting duration record of 63 minutes using cyclic pitch control.
Slow motion shot showing helicopter's blades rising & falling. Taking off, turns demonstrated.
1937 German Fa-61 Focke-Wulf Achgelis twin-rotor flown inside Berlin Sports Stadium by Hanna Reitsch. Several views.
Igor Sikorsky flying VS-300 setting new World's Record.
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  • qvistus82

    It would be cool if these would have worked. We might have wanking umbrella planes today.



  • LZ Ssay

    look up Hitlers dragonfly that was the first helicopter to fly successfully.. that is were Americans got the idea look for the widow maker Mv22offsprey ..if that's how it's spelt..

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox

    GEE you need to stick more shit on the screen i could still see the vid

  • Fer Simental

    the blimp could hover... so shouldn't the first helicopter be a blimp

  • radiofun232

    6.02: the first 4 propeller drone.

  • fassenkugel

    1929... /watch?v=A8bfOKaiScM

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