Nick's Micro Heli Rotor Test 2

More testing of the drive train with 4 rotors.
  • Marcin Józak

    i like the idea but looks like u should change engine or something,,

  • ruxpin76

    So what's the flight status up to now? I've followed the project with interest, but see no recent vids? :) Good luck....and take any naysaying with a grain of salt.

  • robert moore

    Hope your head stays on your shoulders good luck.

  • Stanley Winters

    Hey Nick, If you buy the fuel and agree to pay the ambulance ride,I'll fly that copter. And don't worry about life insurance, I;ll buy that right before i take off!

  • J-Styga

    Redesign the swashplate. And also get that thing to idle right.

  • Paul Hiiginbotham

    I kept expecting to see linkage readjustment, between video sessions. The linkage must be neutral with the control centered, with it way out of adjustment, you can see immediate non neutral controls, with left cyclic balance. So, if no video of hovering, then he is still alive.

  • mahomed limalia

    too much rattle... seems like bolts going to fall off. but i admire your will to make yr own invention. whats safety precautions you intend taking when you have engine failure 100 meters abobe ground. please be careful.

  • lspeth

    I like your design. I would probably put more space between the upper and lower rotors. If the rotor tips collide for any reason it could be bad.

  • mr1rapid

    If you lived next door I'd be like man that's crazy can I try. Good stuff. Keep posting and be careful.

  • Dale Hopper

    Everyone is concerned about your safety here. IT'S YOUR BUSINESS' good job on your machine! hope it flies at some point.

  • Gianfranco Fronzi

    Nick I know how much work it took to get what you've got here .Keep plugging , but stay safe , we need more explorers .

  • NickMonteleone

    Since the video I have made a metal ring that goes around the shaft with a rod going back to frame should the shaft joint fail.

  • NickMonteleone

    I have thought of that and now there is a steel ring that captures the shaft in that event but I made it after videos were posted

  • leemnav

    Hello Nick, we sure miss you at the Yahoo back-pack helicopter forum !! Good to see you're still working on the machine !!! regards, Gilbert

  • Technifre 2000

    The turning shaft behind the pilot head is very dangerous. should be some protection.

  • mercury90hp

    Oh that fuking motor gives me a laugh... That thing wouldnt mow your lawn.

  • Larry Machine

    Nick gets up and states "I think I'll kill myself today wheres the video camera"

  • Angus Digby

    The blades are bent to the left or something aim right

  • Jon Worrell

    Does the universile joint work good as you tilt the rotor head or does it vibrate as it changes directions

  • Gilbert Dubar

    peut être qu'un jour il arrivera à décoller qui sait ?

  • Biffa Bacon

    brill...very james bond..

  • Ebony Man

    You need to wear a helmet and gloves!

  • RoboTekno

    Did anything become of this project? Would be great to see a video of it hovering.

  • Irosh Bandara

    How big the engine is?

  • Jim Blastname

    Nick is the New Sikorsky. Without inventors like this you and me would still be walking instead of flying around. Keep working on your project. Im taking notes and enjoying the ride.

  • Kizza Tonny

    can I use a motorcycle engine to drive mosquito helicopter?

  • Stanley Winters

    when are you gonna full throttle that thing . Hell,I'da already felt up the old gal!!

  • Nomoreidsleft

    Brave man. One thing I can see with the differential gear system, you can't vary the rotational speed of the two rotors. There's bound to be some degree of mismatch, and in the air that will translate to yaw, which you can't compensate for, since you have no control over the rotational speeds.

  • H-Dad with kids

    If the engine was running good you might just do it. Fix the engine so it does not misfire.

  • Schpankme Verimuch

    You can buy a cheap electric fan at WALMART.

  • peter withers

    Peter here. he seems to have a problem with the rotor head unit jamming itself to one side when under load, does any one know anything about this issue????

  • ber pow

    When are we going to dee it fly?

  • Itsmeeman1

    Good for you for taking a chance! I liked your contra-gearing you made. I'm not sure if your blades are long enough or tilted to the correct angle for flight but I suppose that's something you can adjust as and when required. Good luck for the future. Don't lose your head.

  • ruxpin76

    Any recent development? tethered hover? Sounds like it's running a bit "off"...don't know if it's too rich or lean....should be a nice puff of smoke when you let off it it's about right...with crisp acceleration. (I race 2 cycle karts and they're pretty finicky at times...) Looking forward to more videos. Anything you'd do differently? I'm working on a servoflap tipjet design....

  • Dmitry Zadneprovets

    Пиздатый миксер, не более!

  • burlbark

    Im going to assume that it never got off the ground or we would be seeing video of flight.

  • NickMonteleone

    maybe both. I'm careful every step of the way

  • Jim Blastname

    Why have you left? I want to see the project to the end. I wish you great success and hope all works well. The Russians have been using twin rotors for 50yrs. Yours I can afford to make if you finish it.

  • Niander

    those blades dont look big enough ? get any lift?

  • Jim Blastname

    Nick talk us thru you thinking process. Keep working on it and please add more video's.

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